Trust and belief

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Trust and belief.

W: I wonder why not everyone gets the same grace from God. Why does one get more and the other less? This seems a bit unfair.
T: I used to wonder why God didn’t give equal glory in Heaven to all the chosen, and I was afraid that not all would be happy. Then my sister Paulina told me to go find a large glass and put it next to my tiny thimble, then fill both vessels with water, and finally asked me which one was fuller. I replied that both of them were so full that it was impossible to pour more water into them, because they would not be able to contain it. It was then that I understood that God gives His chosen ones as much glory as they can bear, and so the last will have nothing to envy to the first.
W: How can I be sure that I too receive God’s grace? Looking at the people around me, I have the impression that God forgets me sometimes. Especially since I feel more like a field flower than a beautiful blooming rose in a garden.
T: Trust God. People often say that they do not have enough strength within them to give themselves fully to God. Meanwhile, He never refuses to send the first grace that gives courage to act and then strengthens the heart in striving for victory.
W: I am afraid that I will not recognize God’s Grace when I receive it. It is hard to put these thoughts of doubt aside.
T: I’m sure God will grant you grace, and you shouldn’t doubt otherwise. Stay in this trust constantly. It is impossible for God not to respond to your trust, because He always measures His generosity with our trust. Although I admit that human trust is very weak sometimes it’s easy to get lost.
W: Being able to show others the way to God do you feel chosen in any way?
T: No, that’s not the point. God can use anyone, you, me. The most important thing is for His kingdom to grow stronger in us. The flame of this faith does not necessarily come from a large fire. Sometimes a small, inconspicuous match is enough to ignite such a fire. The prayers of a small soul that works have such power
in hiding. Nobody sees her, but her actions bring many graces.

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