Redemptorist Mission in Ghana

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Redemptorist Mission in Ghana

[speaking in local language]: Children, smile!

Michael Adu Obeng: Copiosa apud eum redemptio. This is Michael Adu Obeng, a student from the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, Redemptorists, Ghana mission and I welcome you to our humble chapel. Saint Alphonsus in his writings put much emphasis on our charism, which every redemptorist should show much devotion to and should participate. As a student I am encouraged to participate and I am encouraged to take part in this charism which is to build my spirituality.

[singing in latin] Therefore we, before him bending, this great Sacrament revere; types and shadows have their ending, for the newer rite is here; faith, our outward sense befriending, makes our inward vision clear.

Orlando Téllez: Hello everyone. My name is Orlando Téllez, I am a redemptorist missionary priest from the Province of Bogotá. I am happy to work here, in this mission in Ghana, in the Continent of Africa. At the moment I am with the redemptorists in formation in this house for studentate and postulancy, and this is a pleasant experience. I invite all the confreres to come here and serve the Lord through this kind of experiences. God bless you all.

Peter Francis Agnes Oteng: He wants us to keep something, because we are already given. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless his work in us. Help us to reflect deeply on the mystery of our salvation, so that from on we move to the permanent sight . Now, all eyes are geared towards Jerusalem. May the Lord help us in this Holy Week and grant us fruitful celebration, through Christ our Lord.

Father Nelson Fabián Dimaté Ocampo: I am fr. Nelson Fabián Dimaté Ocampo, I am 28 years old, I am a redemptorist missionary from the Province of Bogotá, and four months ago I was ordained as a priest, I received the grace of the ordination and now I am here working in the mission in Ghana. I started the formation process on the 23rd of January 2011 with other 21 confreres, but nowadays they are all gone. I was the only one who perseverated. With God’s grace, I feel enthusiastically encouraged to go ahead and start this new stage in my life.

At the moment I am in Ghana, in this mission, at the house Kaspar Stanggassinger. At the beginning of this Holy Week I would like to offer to you this reflection so that you can initiate this way with the Lord towards His Passion; that way we will be able to strengthen our faith and, on this Palm Sunday, we will be able to open our heart so that Jesus can come into our life, and we can receive Him as King, as the Son of God who always, when He reaches our heart, gives us strength, richness and blessings at every moment. That way, when he is in our life, in our heart, we also can bless, help and be there for the others in solidarity. May this first day, this Palm Sunday, be this opportunity to open our heart and receive this King who humbly comes, this King who comes to give everything for love to the humankind. God always bless you all.

Orlando Téllez: It’s 2021, I have already been working for three years in this mission in Ghana, in Africa, and it is a very pleasant experience, and it is even more pleasant on this day in which we celebrate the memory of Saint Clement Hofbauer, who has been for our Congregation an example of life, a very special witness, who is present here and gives life to the project of each redemptorist’s life. From this mission in Ghana, this message is addressed specially to all my religious confreres who, together with Our Lady of Perpetual Help, follow Christ, trying to follow him, not from far, but as close as possible, as the Virgin Mary did, and of course as the Apostles. God bless our Congregation, and this mission. Now I am here, at the house for postulancy and studentate of our mission in Ghana, and from here we call the name of God so that, through the intercession of Saint Clemens, He gives us the grace of perseverance in the Congregation. God bless you all.


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