“Fear God”

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“Fear God”

Artur Wolski, president of the “Wings of Glory” Foundation, one of the initiators of the “Male Rosaries”.

It is the beginning of March 2018. Meeting of Saint John Paul II Men in the parish of Saint John Paul II in Warsaw’s Bemowo district. The group leader is Jan Sienicki. During the meeting, I talk about what the “Wings of Glory” Foundation is doing. It’s evening, Sunday, everyone is tired, they want to go home, to their families, but I still have a thought to tell about a certain concept that I had about men and the Holy Rosary. Then I said how important it is for men to pray among themselves, among their fathers, for their families. I said that I see a service in reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which is carried out in public space, by men and by fathers.  Jan Sienicki, the leader of the Saint John Paul II Men’s community at the time, took up this topic at once.

My name is Artur Wolski. For several years, I have been the president of the “Wings of Glory” Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to protect families by engaging, inspiring and motivating fathers to courageously and responsibly engage in this task: supporting and growing all family members.

After several years of searching for how to achieve this, I came to the conclusion that the first and fundamental step is the conversion of men – I believe this deeply and are shared by the men with whom I am working on the “Male Rosary”. When a father is converted, the whole family is converted.

That is why Jan Sienicki – with the whole community of Saint John Paul II Men – took up this topic. In March 2018, we made a dozen or so phone calls, and most of all we talked with Fr. Dominik Chmielewski. Fr. Dominik blessed and accepted the spiritual protection of the “Male Rosary” project. This is how we started our preparations for the first Saturday in April. On April 7, on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday, in the octave of Easter, we started the “Male Rosary” at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces in Warsaw. It was there, at our call, nearly two hundred men came. We weren’t expecting that much, we thought there would be twenty or maybe thirty. Almost two hundred came. The walls of the sanctuary trembled with our singing. It was a unique moment when we felt that this is what it is all about: common, united prayer of many male hearts and souls. This is the path that we have adopted and that we propose to other men in Poland and around the world.

Today, the “Male Rosary” takes place in over fifty cities around the world. Not only in Poland, not only in Europe, but also Vilnius, Kamieniec Podolski, Kiev, Manchester, London and Chicago. I know that preparations are underway to start the “Male Rosary” and to pay for the first Saturdays in Budapest. In Poland, “Men’s Rosaries” are held in Gdańsk, Szczecin, Kraków, Rzeszów, Lublin, Przemyśl, Łódź, Piotrków Trybunalski, Bełchatów, Siedlce and many other cities that I am not able to name at the moment. However, what is most important is the fact that on each first Saturday of the month, men from various communities and organizations in the Catholic Church, but also non-attached ones, meet on the foundation of the Holy Rosary, on the foundation of rewarding the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and this is what we do. Our Lady of Fatima presented in her message clear and simple principles that are to lead us to change the fate of the world, the fate of our families, our marriages, to save our families, our country, to save this world. These are a few simple rules, the fulfillment of which causes great graces to flow to us.

Let me just remind you what’s going on. Our Lady Fatima told us what to do. We are to make reparation, every first Saturday of the month, by: entering the redeeming communion, entering the sacrament of penance and reconciliation, praying one part of the Holy Rosary, performing 15 minutes of meditation on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. We have been trying to do this in Warsaw for over 3 years. We were joined by men from many communities and organizations in Poland, Warsaw and all over the world. Among us there are Men of Saint John Paul II, Men of Saint Joseph, Christ’s Soldiers, Mary’s Warriors, there are people participating in the Rosary Platoons, in the National Guard, there is a House Church, there are many communities that I cannot name at the moment, but thanks to this, that we unite every first Saturday, we see great fruits of this transformation.

What is important is building this unity. Unity in the Catholic Church, so torn and divided, and in today’s times of confusion, so much in need of union and entry into the Ark, which, according to Fr. Dominika Chmielewskiego, is the Mother of God. So, the Holy Rosary, reparation, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Every first Saturday of the month, hundreds, you can actually tell It is clear that even thousands of men travel the streets of Polish cities for one purpose –  to make reparation and ask for the necessary favors to repent. For this we were called by the angel in Fatima, who called three times: “Penance, penance, penance”. If we think so hard about what is happening in the world at the moment and what opportunities we have to reverse this “trend”, we will probably sooner or later come to the conclusion that this is the only way left for us  repentance – and reparation.

Even though we pray only in this spirit, the spirit of repentance, many people do not like it. Because what does it mean that dozens or hundreds of guys are walking down the street with rosaries in their hands and praying loudly, bearing witness to their faith? We are exposed to hate, very often we experience malice, contempt and – one could say – “hate speech”. We are told to hide in houses, lock ourselves in little rooms, and so on. Maybe it was a good 2,000 years ago when people were generally believers, almost everyone. Today we live in a godless world, in a world that has denied God, and fights the Christian faith with all possible means. We witness this every day, more and more often also in Poland, when our sacred religious symbols, our holy images, holy images are profaned; when churches are destroyed and the truth about our history, culture, our ancestors, about what Catholics and Christians did, about the fact that Poland was first baptized and then became a state. We forget about it, and at the same time everything seems to have conspired in these times, in these years, months to destroy what is Polish, what is Christ, Marian, and Catholic, and therefore we have decided that we must pay public compensation in the streets of profanations are perpetrated and sacrilege is perpetrated in public.

We fight, trying to unite, as far as we can, engage many priests, which is why, for example, in Warsaw, we hire a different priest every month. Our priests also need our support and our witness, our prayer, our penance, our renunciation – we must strengthen them. If there are no priests their is no sacraments; we must remember this as men, because as men, fathers and husbands, we are also priests in our house.

That is why I encourage all those who feel in their hearts that it is a good idea, a good initiative, and that there is some good in the fact that men should unite in prayer every first Saturday in reparation the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I encourage everyone in their city to check whether they can organize this service, or whether they can involve male communities in their city, in their environment.

Our goal is to connect and unite. There are many fruits in what we do. Our prayer makes many people get to know each other inside cities and provinces; It turns out that we have many like-minded people around us who want to undertake some specific action, specific activity, prayer, but did not really know how to do it. Thanks to the fact that there is a “Male Rosary”, it is possible to unite in a common work – I am not afraid and do not hesitate to use this word – “saving the world”, as Our Lady in Fatima announced: fulfill the conditions and the world will stay saved.

We have a simple tool, a simple recipe, we have no choice but to start this work together, especially here in Poland, because the Mother of God did not mention anyone else in her apparitions in the same way as about Poles. The Mother of God appeared to Father Julius Mancinelli in Naples in 1608, on the eve of the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and asked him: “why don’t you call me the Queen of Poland? I love this kingdom especially, because his sons have great love for me, I intend great things for them ”.

We want to be faithful to our Queen and there is no doubt about it. We will be richly rewarded, although it is not about the reward, but about joining in the work of saving the world. Maybe these are some high-flown words, but that’s how I see it. Another fruit of the realization of the “Male Rosary” is, for example, the formation of rosary roses.

I remember a friend from Gdańsk telling me when the “Zdrovve Love” program was entering – in that city many parents and fathers started praying the rosary as part of rosary roses for schools. Where there were those schools petted by parents, by fathers, the “Zdrovve Love” program was not introduced; where they were not fawned, this program was introduced. That is why the Holy Rosary is such a great and powerful weapon, which is mentioned by countless saints, including Polish saints and the blessed. Cardinal Hlond, Cardinal Wyszyński, Saint John Paul II, Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, Father Stanisław Papczyński and many, many others. I encourage you to take up the rosary wherever you are. This is a call for Poland and Poles today.

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