WHO AM I FOR? – Listen, Monika and Marcin – apart from the fact that they are running the project – are also the parents of a wonderful three and they share their experience of [...]


Relationship Hello guys! I greet you warmly in the third episode of „Młodzi Młodym”. Today we want to talk with you about relationships. I invited sister Bartłomieja from The Congregation of the [...]

Let’s talk!

Let’s talk! – Last time we talked about love – who of you have not seen our episode yet, I invite you to catch up on it. Today’s guest of our episode is Michał Mokrzycki, whom I [...]

Love eachother – accept yourselves

Love eachother  –  accept yourselves – Hi, Today I have an appointment with the young people from the Toruń community, to whom I will ask a few questions and I will be happy to get to [...]