Hope in God’s Mercy

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Hope in God’s Mercy.

W: What is God’s Mercy? I hear these words often in church, but somehow I don’t quite understand them.
T: See the sun shining on the tall trees and every little flower at the same time, as if this was only one and only for the whole earth. In the same way, our Lord cares for each of us, and as in nature, the sequence of seasons allows the tiniest daisy to bloom on a given day, similarly everything is in accordance with the good of each person. This is one of my favorite metaphors.
W: How do you get the certainty that it really is? Faith in God is not an easy matter. My faith seems very little to me …..
T: The one whose heart is awake during sleep made me understand that for those whose faith is like a mustard seed, he will work miracles and move mountains to strengthen this little faith, but for his trusted friends, for his Mother, he did not work miracles until he tried their faith.
W: I know the parable of the mustard grain. I know it is very small. I wonder what favors we receive even though our faith is smaller than this grain. At least mine is for sure.
T: It seems to me that if all people would receive graces like me, no one would fear the Good God, but they would love Him madly, and out of love, not fear, no one would make Him sad. However, I am aware that all people cannot be alike. Everyone needs to be himself because in this way we discover God who is rich in his perfection. He gave me His infinite mercy, in the light of which I contemplate and adore His perfection. What a joy it is to think that the Good God is just, that is, he is mindful of our weaknesses, that he knows the fragility of our nature perfectly, and forgives our sins with kindness. And then what can I be afraid of? Nothing.

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