Memorial of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus!

My heaven will be do good on the earth.   Praised be Jesus Christ! Dear viewers, thank you very much for taking part in our novena. Thank you that you found some time to meet St. Theresa of [...]


Humility W: What does it mean to be humble? T: It means recognizing your nothingness, expecting everything from God as a little child expects everything from his father, not worrying about [...]

Enduring suffering

Enduring suffering W: Suffering… that doesn’t sound nice. It reminds me of something painful and unpleasant. Is it really necessary in our lives? T: This is the way to holiness. To become a [...]

Love for your siblings

Love for your siblings W: Should we respect people who hurt us? T: We should respect the people who hurt us even more than those who are close to us. Perfect love for one’s sibling is to [...]

Holy Communion

Holy Communion W: And Holy Communion? What does it give me? T: On the day of our First Holy Communion anything asked for can be received, and I will tell you about my communion. Saint Paul once [...]

Trust and belief

Trust and belief. W: I wonder why not everyone gets the same grace from God. Why does one get more and the other less? This seems a bit unfair. T: I used to wonder why God didn’t give equal glory [...]

Hope in God’s Mercy

Hope in God’s Mercy. W: What is God’s Mercy? I hear these words often in church, but somehow I don’t quite understand them. T: See the sun shining on the tall trees and every [...]

My imperfection

How to bear your own imperfection? W: How is it that God, who is almighty, made people so imperfect? T: Don’t worry about your flaws. “The worry that depresses and discourages comes out of [...]

Who am I?

Who am I? My place in the world, my worth, what I am for, the meaning of life. Where am I coming from and where am I going? Purpose of life, value in the eyes of God. Am I part of any plan? The [...]

Not this way, the little path! 

Not this way, the little path!   Praised be Jesus Christ! Dear viewers, we invite you to go with us through a path. I am br. Dominic, here is with us s. Lira and Dominica and Julia. What us [...]