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Stop. Let’s stop. Look. In 2021 ForWorld offers you something to watch, listen or read (whatever you prefer) presented in 4 chapters: ABC OF SPIRITUAL LIFE, YOUNG PEOPLE, MEN’S CATHOLIC CHURCH and FAMILY MISSION. All videos from 2020 are still available, just check the menu!

ABC OF THE SPIRITUAL LIFE – Spiritual Life – What Is It? How to develop them in yourself? How does it affect my life? What does it have to do with human relationships? These are only some of the questions answered by the series “ABC of spiritual life”, which will be led by Fr. Marek Kotyński CSsR

YOUNG PEOPLE – What is true love? How to love? The reality of love and freedom in the 21st century for a young person? Difficult questions, but we are not afraid of challenges and through a series of conversations we will try to find answers to these and many other questions. If you also struggle with such nuisances, this will be for you!

MEN’S CATHOLIC CHURCH – You’ve probably heard the statement that the Church is a bit female Catholic, that there is something missing for men. We will prove that it is not so! “Male Catholic Church” is a series of interviews with men who show that a guy has a place and a specific task in the Church.

FAMILY MISSION – From the small community of several people in Scala, the Redemptorists in almost 300 years turned into a world-wide Congregation of several thousand members. They have one mission: to proclaim Plentiful Redemption to the most poor and abandoned. See how Redemptorists spread the Redeemer’s mad love in different parts of the globe.

This, and much more, awaits you in 2021. We invite you to read what is behind us and follow new content on our websites, channels and profiles:






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