“Fear God”

“Fear God” Artur Wolski, president of the “Wings of Glory” Foundation, one of the initiators of the “Male Rosaries”. It is the beginning of March 2018. Meeting [...]

Adventure – Something Strengthened by...

Adventure – Something Strengthened by Time Dariusz Dudek talks to Marek Sacha, who worked as a lay missionary in Bolivia Today, in the Male-Catholic Church, we will visit distant countries, [...]

Professionalism and depth

Professionalism and depth Dariusz Dudek talks to Hubert Kowalski – musician, conductor and composer. About being a Christian, I will have a great pleasure to talk to the guest of the Man-Catholic [...]

Meaningful Silence

Meaningful Silence With Andrzej Lewek – the coordinator of the Men of St. Joseph in Poland is talked by Dariusz Dudek. We have a very good background for today’s conversation with the [...]

Strength and weakness

Strength and weakness With doctor Bawer Aondo Akaa, doctor of theology, prolifer and Polish patriot, talks Dariusz Dudek. Apart from all stereotypes, when we hear the word “man” we see someone [...]

Into the Breach

Into the Breach Dariusz Dudek talks to Krzysztof Zuba, the state delegate of the Knights of Columbus in Poland. I guess almost every man played war as a child. Not only as a soldier with a rifle, [...]