Love of neighbor and selfishness

Love of neighbor and selfishness Sometimes, before someone new, appearing in our company, speaks, we already have some sympathy or dislike or indifference … We convey a lot through our [...]

Stages of spiritual development

Stages of spiritual development Man begins his way with God from the time of his existence, from the begining of his existence. The sacrament of baptism makes God dwell in us. We see this in a [...]

Sin and repentance

Sin and repentance People often don’t look into their own heart, their own conscience, their inner self. Not only because they do not have an appropriate guide, which in Christianity is [...]

Spiritual interior

Spiritual interior Sometimes people don’t know who they are. They do not even know if they are a man or a woman, they do not know if they want to be a priest or if they want to be a lay [...]

Emotions and desires

Emotions and desires Man’s spiritual life is primarily a gift from God Himself. We would not be able to contact Him if He were not our beloved Father who desires union with us. In fact, He [...]

Personal story and reflection

Personal story and reflection When we read the Scriptures systematically, when we listen carefully and faithfully – as we emphasized recently – to the word of God, God begins to [...]

God’s Spirit and the Holy Scriptures

God’s Spirit and the Holy Scriptures In our reflections, we try to shed light on the mysterious reality of the spiritual life. We recently told what this spiritual life is, i.e. that it is [...]

Faith and Spiritual Life

Faith and Spiritual Life Faith and spiritual life – because today I would like to talk to you about it. And I have to say one thing. Perhaps the biggest surprise for a person who reflects [...]

ABC – Preview

ABC of the Spiritual Life – Preview Over the past few years, the phrase “spiritual life” has made a comeback in the Christian dictionary. We often talk about the spiritual life, [...]