Family mission – Vietnam

Family mission – Vietnam Introduction Greetings from Saigon. I am Father Anthony Nam. I belong to the Redemptorist Province of Vietnam. Approximately one hundred years ago, there were 3 [...]

Redemptorists in Mexico

Redemptorists in  Mexico Emmanuel: Hi! My name is Emmanuel García. I’m 21 years old. I’ve been part of the groups for young people of the redemptorist Congregation here in Mexico for 5 years. [...]

Redemptorists in Seoul

Redemptorists in Seoul Fr. Willy Jesena CSsR: Good morning everybody. good morning. In whatever place you are,  maybe in your place , it is afternoon. So here we are, with postulant Pedro Lee, [...]

Vice-Province od Majella, India

Vice-Province od Majella, India The redemptorist’s mission in the west coast of India comprises of the three states, namely: Maharashtra, Goa and Mangalore (in Karnataka). Each has its own [...]


FAMILY MISSION, EPISODE 8 REDEMPTORIST PROVINCE OF QUITO Being vocationally interested is the beginning of a deeper knowledge of God’s will. This will has been manifested in our community here, [...]

Redemptorist Mission in Ghana

Redemptorist Mission in Ghana [speaking in local language]: Children, smile! Michael Adu Obeng: Copiosa apud eum redemptio. This is Michael Adu Obeng, a student from the Congregation of the Most [...]

Vice-province of Malaysia and Singapore

Vice-province of Malaysia and Singapore Greetings confreres, collaborators, brothers and sisters. Welcome to the vice-province of Malaysia and Singapore. My name is father Gerard Louis and thank [...]

Interprovincial mission in Albania

Interprovincial mission in Albania Fr. Andrzej Michoń CSsR: We are in Albania. Albania is a small country in Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, which is just 27,000 km2. This country is inhabited by [...]

Sacred Heart Parish in Dangriga, Belize

Sacred Heart Parish in Dangriga, Belize God bless as I greet you all. My name is Hairo Escobar, I am a Redemptorist missionary, and I want to invite you to discover our Redemptorist Sacred Heart [...]

Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe

Redemptorist Region of Zimbabwe Greetings my dear brothers and sisters all over the world. My name is brother Kenneth Temba of the Region of Zimbabwe. I am here to talk about our life as [...]