Perseverance   Hello to everyone! I am happy that we can meet at this moment, and I welcome you despite the virtual distance that separates us. Maybe someday we will have the opportunity to meet [...]

Vow of obedience

SPIRIT: Vow of obedience Hello to everyone! My name is Carlos and I am a Redemptorist missionary. This means that I am consecrated to God through profession of the vows of poverty, chastity, and [...]


Chastity   A life in chastity. What is it? Is such a life possible today? Come, today I will speak about it.  If we want to summarise what a life in chastity is, we could say: A life in [...]


THE VOW OF POVERTY AND REDEMPTORIST MISSIONARY LIFE   A brotherly greeting to all. I am Fr. Manuel Rodríguez Delgado, a Redemptorist, and the executive secretary of the General Secretariat [...]

Open community, organized community

Open community, organized community   Constitutions are, for us, a source of spirituality… When a body rotates, two forces come into play: a centrifugal force that aims outwards; and a [...]

Community of Conversion

Community of Conversion   Dear Confreres, brothers and sisters, In these few minutes we shall reflect briefly on Constitutions 40, 41, 42, Community of Conversion, the 6th of the 8 articles [...]

Community of prayer and work

Community of prayer and work Hello, my name is Jeffrey Rolle I am a Redemptorist Brother.  Just to clarify, I am not a student in formation to become a priest.  In the Redemptorist Congregation, [...]

The apostolic community

The apostolic community A warm greeting of missionary life to all of you! My name is Cecilio Alberto Eseverri Laspalas and at this time I am Vicar General of the Congregation.  I would like to [...]

The Purpose of the Missionary Work

The Purpose of the Missionary Work It is striking how much the Constitutions of the Redemptorist Congregation are shaped by the language of the Gospel. Again and again the constitutions directly [...]

The Manner of Performing the Work of...

The Manner of Performing the Work of Evangelization  The first 2 Constitutions tell us about the Mission of the Congregation.  The first section talked about the missionary work of the [...]