Jeremiah A vocation … Priestly? Religious? Matrimonial? Parental? There are many of them, but this one is perfectly suited to you. It is God’s plan and proposal for your life. Doubts? [...]

Stay with us

Stay with us LYRICS: A tired day closes sleepy eyes, the evening lights are extinguished by the fog. Before the dream comes our way, the song flows from the bottom of the heart.  Ref.: Stay with [...]

My God

My God LYRICS: In the confusion of my daily affairs, with a aching heart full of fear. I struggle with my youthful dreams and I call to the crossroads. Who am I, how I want to know and what is my [...]

We’re going to You

We’re going to You. Ref.: We’re going to You, o Lord with a heart full of great joy and we would like to thank You together x2 For the days given to us We give thanks For the fruits of our [...]

If anyone would serve me

If anyone would serve me If you love, then you also serve. Authentic love is when you can see SOMEONE ELSE rather than yourself. How to love God and get to know him? How to encounter true love? [...]

Do not close your hearts

Do not close your hearts Let us not close hearts, Time of Redemption arrived, When Christ knocks at the doors, Perhaps the very last time. x2   Oh Christ, may the gift of Your grace [...]

Homage to Mary

Homage to Mary Homage to Mary, Mother of God and Queen of souls. Let this blessed song praise the Lady of the lands and seas. /X2 Because her name is famous everywhere, along with Jesus. She has [...]

To a quiet sleep

To a quiet sleep Where can a small, defenseless person find love? In the arms of the Mother. She will wrap you up, ensure safety and a lot of love. You will be happy with her… This is how [...]

Mother of God from Bethlehem

Mother of God from Bethlehem Whose Mother? Mother of the Redeemer and the entire humanity. With the words of Fr. Alfons Klaman, C.Ss.R. we recommend to Mary’s protection all people. Mother [...]