Holy Communion

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Holy Communion

W: And Holy Communion? What does it give me?

T: On the day of our First Holy Communion anything asked for can be received, and I will tell you about my communion. Saint Paul once said beautiful words about communion “It is not I who live anymore, it is Jesus who lives in me!” Since Holy Communion My desire to receive the Good God grew. During Holy Communion. I repeated these words often: “O Jesus! unspeakable sweetness, make all the consolations of the earth bitter for me. ”This prayer flowed effortlessly and without opposition from my mouth. I had the feeling that I was repeating it no of his own free will, but like a child who uses words given to him by someone dear. This experience will strengthen your friendship with Jesus.

W: Will this be my devotion to him?

T: Yes. God is loved very little in the world. Even by people dedicated to Him, that is why these small gestures are so badly needed.

W: Is confession before communion also important?

T: Every time we apologize, God welcomes us with love. He forgets our faults and never remembers them again. When we apologize to Him, He loves us even more. Above all, God expects love from us. Love can make us pleasing to God and this love is the only good.

W: What if this love is not in me? Can you find her somehow again, or I don’t know, wake her up?

T: Simple obedience is enough. Try to be like a little child. If the darkness of the night frightens a little child, if he complains that he cannot see the One who is carrying him in his arms, let him close his eyes, make him willingly fulfill the sacrifice that Jesus awaits, and then let him go to sleep. As he continued so quietly, the night would not scare him because he would not see herand soon peace, even joy, will revive in his heart. We receive from God as much as we expect. I am also very small. I cannot do anything on my own. Do good to people, strengthen them in God’s love, and finally shape them according to my personal views and thoughts … it looks rosy from a distance. Up close, however, it is completely different and it does not look so colorful then you feel that to do good without God’s help is also impossible, but to make the sun shine at night.

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