Love for your siblings

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Love for your siblings

W: Should we respect people who hurt us?

T: We should respect the people who hurt us even more than those who are close to us. Perfect love for one’s sibling is to bear the mistakes of others, not to be surprised at all at their weaknesses.

W: When someone breaks my trust, I would like to throw that person out of my life. It also discourages me from making new friends, because in the back of my head I think that this person will also fail me. And I will suffer again.

T: Understanding comes with time. God made me understand what love of a sibling is all about. I had understood it before, it is true, but imperfectly, I have not yet studied these words of Jesus. “You will love your sibling as yourself.” Above all, I tried to love God, and by loving Him, I understood that my love should be expressed not only in words. Deeds are also important. Not having practice in practicing the great virtues, I applied myself in a special way to the little ones; So I liked to fold the coats left by the sisters and give them all kinds of little services I could afford.

W: When you say that, it seems very easy. I admit, sometimes selfishness spoils the relationship with other people. When I love someone, I would like them to be only with me, to devote their time and thoughts to me.

T: just now you’re not talking about true love. It’s not about someone spending all their time on you. As you rightly pointed out, this is what drives our selfishness. When you really love someone, all sacrifices are made to make the loved one happy. When you have true and disinterested love in you, then you are happy when that someone finds joy in meeting other people, not only with you. Let me tell you something else. Our hearts are made in the image of God’s Heart, which loves every creature as if it were unique in the world. True love should never be compared or envied. If this happens, it means that you are guided by your own love, selfishness, and not by this wonderful gift, which is true love.

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