Enduring suffering

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Enduring suffering

W: Suffering… that doesn’t sound nice. It reminds me of something painful and unpleasant. Is it really necessary in our lives?

T: This is the way to holiness. To become a saint, one has to trust in God, always seek what is most perfect and do His will. Also, when Jesus wants to send us suffering, we must trust Him and accept it. He knows what’s best for us.

W: And that’s it? You just have to wait, trust? And when suffering comes, what then?

T: This is a very good question. Let me tell you something. “One day I felt a great desire to voluntarily accept suffering emerging in my heart with a simultaneous inner certainty that Jesus kept for me many challenges that would bring me closer to Him. I felt in myself good thoughts that God sent me, which I consider to be the greatest graces of my life . These challenges not only attracted me, but also delighted me with a certain kind of charm, although I didn’t get to know them well then. And from that day on, I felt true love for Him, and full trust in His plans for me. I also felt the desire to love God only and look for joy only in Him. ”

W: I feel powerless in the face of the suffering I am experiencing. What to do when all I can think of is to sit down and start crying?

T: There is nothing wrong with crying – on the contrary, it shows sensitivity that is starting to be a little lacking. Too often, people consider crying as a sign of weakness. Meanwhile, it brings relief. Sometimes it’s good to cry on someone else’s sleeve. Or then turn your thoughts to God and seek comfort from Him. You know that you are not alone in your sadness and it is easier for you to bear it.

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