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W: What does it mean to be humble?

T: It means recognizing your nothingness, expecting everything from God as a little child expects everything from his father, not worrying about anything.

 W: I know that feeling of nothingness. I know that in the face of God’s omnipotence, I am so small and insignificant. It’s just hard to stop worrying suddenly. School, home, family … So many bad things can happen. Plus, I still make many mistakes and stumble a lot in search of a path to God.

T: “Being humble we still have the right to do a little nonsense until we die without offending God. Look at little children, how, loving their parents so much, they keep hitting, tearing and falling. Falling like a child, I touch my own nothingness and weakness. So what would happen to me if I relied on my own, so very weak, strength? ”

W: So without God it will be even more difficult. Okay, got it. But I associate this humility with giving up my whole life and my passions!

T: “Every soul is free to respond to Our Lord’s invitation, it can do little or much for Him, in a word, it has the choice between the victims, which He asks for. It all depends on your own readiness. God adjusts our experiences to the forces He gives us. ”

W: Is it really what you say? Looking at you, I see someone who can offer God a lot. I don’t think I can serve like you.

T: I did not offer much to God. On the contrary, “I am a tiny soul that can only offer little things to God, and I often miss the occasions for these little sacrifices that give the soul so much peace; I am not discouraged by this, however, I agree to have a little less peace and try to be more careful in the future. ” That’s all.

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