Field Hospital

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Field Hospital

Hello. I’m Piotr. I come from the town of St. Stanisław, bishop and martyr from Szczepanów. I am one of the men of St. Józef at the Tarnów cathedral. I was asked what the Holy Mass is for me.

The Holy Mass is primarily a meeting with the person who is waiting there; who wants to give me everything, including himself. It is an encounter with God who wants to share his love with me. Because, as St. Paul in the letter to the Ephesians, our life is a constant struggle with evil spirits in the Heavenly Highlands. The Holy Mass is a kind of field hospital, where I heal the wounds after the fight and gather strength for the next internal battle.

Entering the temple, I kneel, and for a moment I am still enjoying the atmosphere of warmth and love emanating from the Person who is waiting for me. Later, I try to remain silent, because, as Jesus said in the Gospel, God knows what we need, even before we ask Him for it. Therefore, in order not to drown out His words, to hear His words better, I try to remain silent. I accept His words and body. Exactly. Holy Mass, without the possibility of receiving the Body of Christ, is something incomplete for me. I feel a significant lack of something important – something without which life in the ongoing constant struggle is much more difficult. That’s why I do what in my power to minimize such situations, such Masses. Once I had the opportunity to attend the Eucharist, where I was reading an excerpt from the Liturgy of the Word. I read slowly and remember feeling the words coming out of my mouth; words of Scripture, that is, the word of God. Later I accepted the Body of Christ, and then I felt that both in the Word of God and in the Body was the same God. Different ways, of course, but it is the same God. During the entire Eucharist, the same God reaches our heart and mind. The God who nourishes us, teaches us in his word, and that his word has power. Although I do not know many things about the Holy Mass yet, I do know one thing for sure. In every Eucharist I want to praise God for the fact that it exists and for how we change thanks to it. May God be blessed!

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