Daily life and daily bread

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Daily life and daily bread


What is the Eucharist for me? As I was thinking about the answer to this question, two things came to my mind that it is basically my daily life and my daily bread.

Both in a good sense, because it is simply embedded in my life, in the way I live, in the fact that it is completely natural for me to go to church on Sunday, on holidays, sometimes I will be able to go on an ordinary day, but on the other hand, it is so commonplace for me that I no longer see its extraordinariness. I stopped thinking about what a great gift it is that I have the opportunity to benefit from the Eucharist. It happened to me twice in my life that I regained this awareness. The first time, it was before graduation, when I went to the Netherlands right after graduation, to earn money for these studies, it was three and a half months of working time in the field with flower bulbs and for me the most anticipated moment of the week was Sunday, when an hour by bike one would go to church to attend the Polish Holy Mass. Then I laughed that I had never really focused so much on what the priest was saying before, I had not absorbed every word of the sermon, as it was at that time. It was something that just kept me in check, which allowed me to survive and what really showed me the strength of the Eucharist, how much it influences me directly, that I could ride this bike for an hour just to listen to the Holy Mass in Polish, to get the most out of it, to feel that I still have this relationship with God, even though the rest of the circumstances were unfavorable there. People were also different for me as such a young girl before college. It was quite a difficult reality for me. The Eucharist then allows me to survive. The second moment was the time of the pandemic. Back then, my husband and I were even asked to record a testimony on Holy Thursday, and even now, as I think about it, it was very hard, precisely because I realized then how much I missed this Holy Mass during this time when I didn’t you could just go to church and attend Mass. We also have two small children, so my husband was still able to go, I was a little less and this awareness then came to me with such power that previously I had no awareness and I lost it somewhere, how much I drew from this Eucharist, how Jesus gave me a lot of power because I could be physically in the church, I could physically receive Holy Communion. And although during the pandemic we tried to give meaning to the minutes we watched the Mass, prepared everything, dressed as if we were going to church, it was double the difficulty. It was then that I felt very much that it was different, we live in a different reality and we do not really know when it will all end, at that time it was an unusual difficult, but also such a beautiful experience for me that I drew from this Eucharist much more than I realized on a daily basis somewhere. It was so helpful for me, especially with those little children who often jump between our legs in the church, do various strange things that other people do not necessarily like, and we do not necessarily like it, because it somehow prevents us from focusing on the Holy Mass. to experience it, but for this moment now, seeing these very moments of awareness, I also have such joy that we can be again in such a time when I have 5 minutes to church, when I can simply go to Holy Mass without any problems and I have this feeling that I just want to make the most of it now. Because again we have such a prospect that it is not known whether something will close in a moment; or have there been different things happening in Poland lately, various attacks on churches, physical attacks, so it was very, very painful for me, so I especially appreciate at this point the possibility that we have this church close, that we can use it and that at any time, I can just go to this Mass. I can just take advantage of this moment of union with Christ. This is how I see the Eucharist at this very moment, how I understand it, how it is embedded in my simply ordinary everyday life of my mother, wife, person who also has a company, so our life simply goes on I feel very normal and I have the feeling that this Eucharist is inscribed in it.

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