Source and Summit. The Eucharist is a miracle

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I would like to be like Jesus. But if I want to be like Jesus, where do I begin? I Begin from the source. If you would also like to be like Jesus Christ, you must begin from the source of Christian life. This is stated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, that is mine and yours.
I want to be just like Jesus Christ, which is why I attend the Eucharist daily, if only time allows it. I am at the Eucharist in place of the staging of the greatest miracle. A place where Jesus Christ gives up his life for me. This really happens, but what does it mean to me?  I repeat: What is it for me? It’s a place and a time, where I can dip everything in his precious Blood. Jesus then gives his life for me. First, he gave up his life at the Calvary. The same thing happens on the altar during every Eucharist. This is time for me. He did it for us – for you and me. In order not to waste this, I am asking Him every day, when on the altar, the Alter Christus – the priest, with his anointed hands, brings God to the altar. The saints say we would not understand, that we would not be able to bear this sight. Then I entrust everything to Him – first of all, what I cannot cope with. I entrust to the Blood of Jesus my family, my every relationship, every little thing. I discover in the Eucharist newer and newer moments that make up an extraordinary whole.

Prayer of Preface. I want to say one word about it. When I hear “Sursum Corda”, I hear an invitation for me. This is an invitation for me to raise my heart, to fight. How relevant is it now in my life… Perhaps also in yours. An invitation to fight, to be determined, to raise your head, not to step back, not to look back. An amazing moment. What happens next at the Eucharist? What is she? How do I understand her? For me, it is the cry of the centurion. I follow him in his great faith and I want the good God to give me just the same faith as the centurion had. During each Eucharist I can hear, yes! Even more, I can repeat after him: I am not worthy, Lord, that You should come to me. I am not worthy, because I have not deserved anything, that I can be here when you give your life for me. I am not worthy, Lord, that You should come to me, but just say one word and my soul will be healed. This is what the fight is for. This is the whole fight for this, this is what I am fighting for in this world. I am fighting for my soul, for which a great war is being fought, because I am the heir of the Kingdom of God. This is the Eucharist, every day at the Eucharist I can discover my true heritage. I am not worthy, Lord, I repeat after the centurion. You, too, can always repeat it when God invites you to the Eucharist. Take advantage of it, seize the opportunity. I am not worthy, Lord, that You should come to me, but only say one word and my soul will be healed. I add even more during the Eucharist: and my family will be healed. I am calling and asking for what is important to me at a given moment: and my family, my relationships, parenthood and fatherhood will be healed, every second of my life will be healed, so that I do not waste it, because it is a gift from You, God. God says: whoever would serve me, let him follow me, and where I am, my servant will also be there. Today I want to serve God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all within me. And if I want to serve Him and prepare for that service, I have to do it somewhere. Where and how can I prepare for it? Also during the Eucharist. Right there, where the greatest miracle takes place, where every time a lot of graces are prepared for me. My prayer before the Eucharist: Let me, God, experience these graces, so that I do not waste the moment that You have prepared especially for me. The Eucharist is a great miracle for me, it is the greatest miracle in my life. I draw from it and see it pour peace into my heart; as it comes with the charisms of smile and joy. What is the Eucharist? It’s just a miracle. A multitude of angels kneel as I enter the church. My guardian angel is standing beside me, getting ready to kneel with me. When I entrust myself and everything, including my life, to the Blood of Christ, when Jesus Christ comes to me in His Body and Blood, my guardian angel is kneeling with me, before the highest throne of the most high God. My statement would be endless if I had the time. The Eucharist is my whole life today. Even if I did not understand it once, and if maybe you do not understand it now, just come to the Eucharist and ask the Most High God to rediscover this great miracle for you. A miracle that happens every day. Praised be Jesus Christ wherever you are.


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