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Hello guys! I greet you warmly in the third episode of „Młodzi Młodym”. Today we want to talk with you about relationships. I invited sister Bartłomieja from The Congregation of the sisters of St. Joseph to talk about relationships. – Welcome, God bless You!

Greetings! God bless you!

Sister is a catechist in The Economic School Complex in Toruń, she work and associates with youth, so she certainly knows a thing or two about different relationships between them, and how do they look like – maybe not always perfect – and how they should look like. She will share this knowledge with us for sure. However: first question, before I ask it to sister, I want to ask to you: What, in your opinion should be a foundation of the relationship?


Basic foundation…

What else?

Ok, we got conversation!

Basic foundation of relationship in your opinion?


You think – basic foundation of relationship – That is?


Cool! Thanks!

Thank you! It is good to start with a foundation, because a relationship is something that accompanies us in each day of our life, and I guess we can’t avoid what relationship with other man is.  So – what should be the foundation of a relationship. What should we start with?

In my opinion, the foundation of a relationship with any man or with God is to trust this person, and some kind of respect. Noticing someone’s dignity, beauty, everything that this person has, that God has given him.

And… There are relationship where each one is different, we will talk about it later. But among relationships, also those rough comes up, those hard relationships, when we cant always get on well with somebody. What should be the foundation of such a relationship, that is rough, what can we do, to coexist with that person, if we must because of our job, school or common whereabouts?

Well, respect that person. Understanding and accepting that person as they are. Because… Indeed, sometimes we have to live with someone, and maybe we are unpleasant, or maybe he just doesn’t like us. Personally, a prayer for the person I don’t like as much, helps me.

With whom it is more difficult…

With whom It is more difficult, precisely… And defend somebody’s repute, that is not going into denying that person with others, not criticize, but defend that man. And that really helps, because then you see a lot of good in that person, regardless of everything, even when he makes us angry. That’s the point – everybody is good by nature.

To seek what is good and positive…

Yes, yes and not to focus on what annoys us.

Ok, we have already mentioned, that there are various relationships, and that’s my second question to you, what kinds of relationships do you know?

Well, each relationship has a different story, and everybody feels it in a different way.

And what kind of relationships do you know?

Kinds of relationships… I don’t know – fellowship friendship, marital relationship, just some more profound relationships, and others.


Every relationship is individual after all. Everybody starts relationships differently, and everybody has different way of… giving(?) in that relationship.

That somebody is getting on well with someone, and not getting along with someone else.

Each relationship is different, it depends on people that make it, on their personalities.

What kinds of relationships can we name that accompany man, that lead us through our life.

The first one is with mom, in mothers womb when we live there, it is very comfortable and warm that is sort of beautiful and intimate relationship, it is inimitable. Later, as we grow up, with parents, with siblings, with grandparents – that is so charming relationship, full of love, care, attention. And later with friends, in school, sandlot, sometimes those relations last. Later in adolescence relationships with boyfriend or girlfriend, later in marriage, or – as one chooses – also with God. Because after all of them relate to relationship with God, they are rooted there.

And when that relationship with God is hard for us, even if sometimes we want to get up close with God, With Christ, but we have some reluctance, and sometimes we hear about that, that some reluctance comes up in relationship – well maybe not reluctance, because we assume, that we want to establish that relationship, but we have that difficulty. What it comes from? From our relationships in here, with our relatives, parents?

Probably it can result from somewhere, but after all each relationship is a chance to risk once again and entrust yourself to somebody. And it is shat kind of relationship with God, where he, well he wont hoot you down right? Jesus will never leave you, but for this relation becoming that deep, we need some wanting on our part, and something like „obtruding” on Jesus somewhere there… that “I need this relationship, please teach me” – also simply asking Him for it right? Or simply ask through the intercession of Mary, so that you can be with Him. And by that engaging in relationships with other people.

That is turning to our best Teacher, who is able to show us everything. You also mentioned to the fact that we have to want to open up and strive for this relationship right?

Do you think opening up for relationships is important?

It is important, because it makes men mature.

Why is that?

Because acting in society helps us find some ways we follow.

WOW! That was so psychological!

Why is it important? It is because if we wont open up for relationships, we wont have them with other people. And if we wont have relationships, we will be lonely.

And you forestall my next question – „why?”. Many thanks!

I think it is, because then we will be able to listen to someone better, and to help him.


Yes, because if we are closed on other person we don’t have possibility to make that relationship grow.


So sister, why is it worth it?

Because no man is an island and no man is created to be alone. Everybody needs other people and relationship, essentially friendship, which has its foundation in friendship with Jesus and after all even a nonbeliever or one that is looking out for God, or is far from Him will tell you that really best thing he can do is to go to a friend, and let on to them, tell what lies heavy on their heart, and that really helps. In any case I bet everyone have that experience of fellow, but it is just this deep relation of friendship. It is kind of love and it is rooted in that love. And also… -What is it about? That will be cut. 😊

Why is it worth it, and how to open to that relationship?

I think we often seek for so much of such relationships. I’m not of this era, of Facebook and so on, all that Instagram, and that relationship of friendship came by itself just like that. Today I see it is gift from God – it just came by itself.

It just showed up?

It just showed up, and it is beautiful. It is pure primarily, it is good, and it is my strength

The real strength, which everyone of us needs.

Everyone of us needs… Exactly.

And if you would now, in conclusion, give our viewers, those who watch us, who will come across our episode, some short advices, as many as will come to your mind, some „technical” lets call it, advices: „How to take care of a relationship?” „How to build a relationship?”

Taking care of relationship? You need to keep in contact with that person. You can’t go out with a boy without calling, and meeting him. The same goes with marriage and in friendship. You need to always seek for contact, as much as it is possible. I also always, when I am about to meet my friends from high school, whether on vacation or at any time, we always try to find some free time to meet. And I think that it is important. Also, that kind of supporting each other, through prayer, or even an SMS „How are you? What’s up?”, just call – for sure contact, just usual, humane, just simple.

Being with each other, remembering about each other.

Yes, even id we are far away – name day, birthday, write a greetings card – I write a cardvery often, just like that! And send it, that’s nice.

It is a little forgotten technique..

It is, but it is very nice. And you cant handmake beautiful card, you can buy really nice fun card somewhere. And that’s so, well, necessary to build relationship.

So we keep in touch and support each other.

And let’s not forget about those who are near, but let’s not exaggerate too. Let’s not stick with them to much, or they will slip out form us. There must be freedom in relationship.

It came to me when you were talking about it, the saying red somewhere in the Internet, that „relationship is like a glass, we can’t squeeze it to hard, or it will break, but if we hold it too faintly it will fall out of our hands and will fall and break as well. We need to hold it properly”. And I think that we can conclude our episode with that. So I thank you very much sister, thanks for your time, and for the conversation. And I invite you guys for the next episode next month with our another guests. Thank you for watching and being with us. And those of you who haven’t watched two previous episodes yet, they are available on our channel, come around and catch up on them. See you next month – God bless!

God bless, thank you!

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