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A Call for the Messiah – Preview!

Praised be Jesus Christ! We are starting the second part of Advent on December 17 and I invite you to meditate on God’s word together during this second part of Advent. However, we will not concentrate on the mass readings of this period – I would like us to draw from the treasury of the liturgy of the Roman Church and to consider the so-called “Great Antiphons O”. What are these antiphons? We find them in the breviary, in the evening prayer of the Church – vespers, before the Song of Mary – the Magnificat. We can also hear them in the liturgy of the Eucharist, these days, but in a slightly abbreviated version, in abbreviated form and with a slight rearrangement. In our considerations we will concentrate on the version of Vespers – on this sequence and on the text given at Vespers. The seven antiphons, which are literary, musical and, above all, theological works, were woven from the texts of the Old Testament and are an intense call of the Church for the coming of the Messiah. Each of them begins with the use of one of the messianic titles: “O Lord”, “O Wisdom”, “O Root of Jesse”, “O Key of David”, “O Dayspring”, “O King of the Nations”, “O With Us is God”, and singing them in preparation for Christmas shows that they are all fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ. Note that each antiphon starts with the vocal “O!”, which shows the intensity of the call, the commitment of the caller, the genuine desire for what he calls to come true. Here is the action, here is the intense call of the Church, here is life – the Church is looking forward to her Messiah, to his coming. I invite you to contemplate this word, these antiphons together in the following days; that we would call together for our Messiah – Jesus Christ. I invite you to ponder it together.

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