Not this way, the little path! 

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Not this way, the little path!


Praised be Jesus Christ! Dear viewers, we invite you to go with us through a path. I am br. Dominic, here is with us s. Lira and Dominica and Julia. What us this path? Listen.

We are often giving ourselves the questions: who exactly he is? How to pray? What is the sense of our passion?

Right those questions and answers included in “History of the Soul” one young woman, who lived about two hundred years ago – St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, Carmelite. Today in everything that surrounds you and what are you living with she invites you to meet and go through “The Little Path”.

St. Theresa is also patron of the missions, and her memorial day is in the first day of October – month announced by the Pope Francis the mission month. So now we invite you to little untypical novena. We are starting September 22nd – 9 days. We invite you! For more informations see the description.


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