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Stop. Let’s stop. Look. Holy Spirit invited you to take up some kind of lifestyle. Enter the world of redemptorist’s spirituality! Every Tuesday of 2020 the rewill be waiting for you something to watch, listen or read (depending on what you prefer) presented in 4 chapters: SPIRIT, WITNESS, STUDENT and ROOTS.

This initiativeis for everybody – so it’s also for you!

In chapternamed SPIRIT you willfindbases –this, whatisbackbone of living with God andwhatfollows from it – signposts to follow the path, thatisprepared for you, thatyoumight be a sign of His presence in the world.

WITNESS is a person, who was carriedaway by thissubtlecalling for implemetationGod’splans in daily life. Youwillfind suport in him, youwillsee, how he was overcomingdifficulties and whatare the fruits of livingthatway.

STUDENT isthis one, whois the closest to yoursituation… In thischapteryouwillfind the testimonies of the people, whoaretryingrightnow to show God to world with their life. I trust, thatyouwillrealisethistask in future. Of course, hereis a question: In whatway? 😉

Chapternamed ROOTSwill Focus on differentevents, whichwerethroughmanygenerationsanswer for thisinvitation from Holy Spirit. It will show, howouridentityhasbeenclarified.

Thisisinitiative for everybody – soit’salso for you!

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