A place of healing and forgiveness

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A place of healing and forgiveness

– Welcome!
– Hi loves!

– This is Kornelia and Jakub Gołaszewscy. We are a young couple – only since August 15 this year – and we would like to tell you what the Eucharist is for us, how much it means to us. First of all, it is a place of healing for us, where we meet together in prayer, where the Lord Jesus heals us. First of all, healings, yes, but also forgiveness, because it was during the Eucharist, in the church, that we also learned to forgive – for each other, as a person, for people who may have hurt us somewhere and it happened on the altar during the Eucharist – The Lord Jesus came so hard and healed us, our soul several times, and gave us this new soul. But it was not the case in the past, because in my past I was a person who unfortunately fought, so to speak, with the Church, with priests, and hated this place, but at some point in his life Jesus came and healed it all, showed that. .. what really happens at this Eucharist that the Lord Jesus is giving himself to us on the altar.

– Yes …. I, in fact … at my home it was always the case that there was this Sunday Eucharist and my parents cared very much to be in church on this Sunday. Only when I did not know Jesus yet, of course, I had something like that, when I was in church, I was even able to go to communion, so that there would be peace, so that maybe somewhere my mother would not tell me at dinner that I was not at communion. So I participated in it completely unconsciously and even took the Lord Jesus into my heart, not being – not only ready for it, but not deserving it, that is, deserving it – everyone deserves it. It’s just …. How do I say it? That…

– Not being ready for it.

– Well … And if someone takes the Lord Jesus, and not …
– Sacrilegiously

That’s what I meant. And once there was no problem for me, but as Kuba said, after a personal experience with the Lord Jesus and I the same, experiencing Him in my heart, but also in my life and after changing my life, well, I experience a completely different experience Eucharist, I see and feel Him breaking on the altar for us; I feel Him working through the word that is spoken, that is read, that is sung. And I feel Him transforming me and us now.

– Yes, because it has happened many times that in the past, as a relationship or engagement, even in marriage, we often came to each other argued before Mass, before this Eucharist.

– Now it sounded like “many times”, as if we were arguing all the time;)

– But we came so real before this altar, with just such emotions …

– So that we entered church just angry at each other, offended at each other

– With such emotions, and not others, true before the Lord Jesus, we stood before the Lord Jesus, and it has never been so that after this Eucharist we still quarreled and somewhere … whether after the common prayer “Our Father …” or after the sign of peace, or sometimes even after receiving Communion, which is at the end of the Eucharist, we forgave ourselves and leave the church completely different.

– And even as a woman it was sometimes difficult, because I was angry somewhere with my boyfriend, fiance or now my husband. It is Cuba who cares very much that during the Eucharist, always during this prayer “Our Father …”, we would hold hands. And for me, somewhere there, sometimes this hand is stiff and I say “I will not give it to you”, but when he takes it… Well, there is peace and I feel that not only Kuba is holding me by the hand, but I feel that Jesus Christ is also there. Well…

– And now the Eucharist is even more beautiful for us, because the three of us live it, because we did not have to wait long for the fruits of our marriage …

– Yes, the Lord Jesus blessed us quickly

– The three of us are actually experiencing this Eucharist, because our son, Wiktor Józef, is already in my wife’s belly.

– Yes and it is also so amazing, today is Holy Family Sunday and we, as a family, really experienced Holy Family Mass for the first time. And for me personally – as a mother already  – it was very special, and when I heard today’s readings, or heard the word spoken to us by the Jesuit Father, who said that this word is fulfilled, it is fulfilling in us when we believe. And the Eucharist, too, I wanted to say, is also a … meeting with the word. Because in fact, it was there that we experienced the Scriptures and what is in this Scripture. I have never read the word of God, and while at the Eucharist I notice how precious it is and how much it brings to life such “advice”. The sermon, which is also spoken somewhere there – the fact, it does not always hit, because it also depends – but meeting with the word is beautiful. And during the Eucharist, when we really believe and when we really know what’s going on there … this encounter with the word brings a lot of fruit then, no? Is there a lot of fruit.

– Yes … so to sum up, it is first of all a place of healing and meeting with Jesus.

– Yes … We greet you! And we wish that the Eucharist will also become for you such a place of meeting, a place of healing, forgiveness, but also the teachings of Jesus Christ, that each of you will accept Jesus who breaks for us on the altar; and to walk with Him … because then it will be – as the priest said today – “not cool”, but there will be strength to endure everything and there will be no such loneliness …

– Amen!

– Amen!

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