Chastity   A life in chastity. What is it? Is such a life possible today? Come, today I will speak about it.  If we want to summarise what a life in chastity is, we could say: A life in [...]


Missionary   “Fr. Bernard Łubieński was a unique person. As a priest-missionary he is ranked among the most meritorious labourers in God’s field in recent times. An untiring labourer, full [...]

Out of God’s Love for the Poor

Disciple – Out of God’s Love for the Poor Praised be Jesus Christ. As part of the September episode of “The Disciple” section, we have prepared for you two testimonies of people [...]

Maria Celeste Crostarosa – follow the...

Witness: Maria Celeste Crostarosa – follow the voice you hear in your heart! s. Małgorzata – Sister Maria Celeste left us nine rules inspired by Jesus. She heard them [...]


THE VOW OF POVERTY AND REDEMPTORIST MISSIONARY LIFE   A brotherly greeting to all. I am Fr. Manuel Rodríguez Delgado, a Redemptorist, and the executive secretary of the General Secretariat [...]

Continuation of st. Alphonsus’s herritage &...

The opened community. Roots – Continuation of st. Alphonsus’s herritage – Alphonsian Academy. Father Alfonso Amarante – president and professor of the Alphonsian Academy Welcome [...]

Open Doors Open Hearts

Disciple: Open Doors Open Hearts José Good morning! I’m Zé. Teresa Good morning! I’m Teresa. We are a married couple. We were born 31 years ago in the city of Porto… José …The most beautiful city [...]

Community strong in faith

OPEN COMMUNITY WITNESS: REDEMPTORIST MARTYRS OF CUENCA – Community strong in faith     We find ourselves in the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Madrid, in front of the gravestone that [...]

Open community, organized community

Open community, organized community   Constitutions are, for us, a source of spirituality… When a body rotates, two forces come into play: a centrifugal force that aims outwards; and a [...]