Great promoter of the Redemptorist...

The Presence of Christ in the Community – Roots – Great promoter of the Redemptorist Congregation – Father Joseph Passerat   It seemed as if the Benonite monastery was closed, [...]

A man who never lost hope – exile of...

 The purpose of the missionary work – A man who never lost hope – exile of the Benonites and further fate   On June 9, 1808, Clement’s dream about the foundation in Warsaw [...]

Constant Mission

The Manner of Evangelization Roots – Constant Mission Our hero came to Warsaw in February 1787 in the company of father Tadeusz Hübl and Emanuel Kuntzmann, as a candidate for a religious brother. [...]

Difficult experiences – Regolamento

Evangelization work. The roots: Difficult experiences – Regolamento   The most serious crisis, which affected The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer in the early stages of its existence [...]

Creative fidelity

Mission of the Congregation – Roots: Creative fidelity Quite often, when I meet the people, who want to discover our roots, I see in their behavior, that they behave like the detectives. [...]